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  • M-Pesa Payment Procedure

    Make student registration fee payment (Kshs. 500) using the procedures below
    Go to M-Pesa Menu
    Proceed to “LIPA NA MPESA”
    Select “PAYBILL”
    Enter the following Business Number : 529901
    In the account number enter : 3011 8175 83002
    Enter amount : Ksh. 500
    Enter your PIN:
    You will receive a MPesa message confirming you have transfered cash to Jamii Bora Bank account number 3011 8175 83002
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Membership Benefit

  1. Privilege to attend General meetings of the Association and may join and participate in all Association and group activities.
  2. Only voting members are eligible to vote at the General Meetings and meetings of the Governing Council.
  3. All members shall have right to participate in any activities of the Association by attending or subscribing to:
    • Conferences and seminars;
    • Documents and stationeries;
    • Journals and publications;
  • All candidates for election as ACMK Council or Executive Members are required to complete an application form and sign the declaration as required ACMK Constitution and submit it to the Secretariat for the consideration.
  • All applicants for membership need to be done online or by person at the head office.
  • Membership application should be confirmed by payment by presenting the MPesa or Bank transaction code.
  • All applications for membership shall be signed by the Chairman, secretary, an/or registrar of the Association concerned to indicate approval of the application and shall be confirmed by the Governing Council at the first opportunity.

Election shall be by a majority vote of the Governing Council during a governing council seating. In the event that an application is rejected, the entrance fee and first annual subscription shall be returned to the candidate;

Unless the Governing Council otherwise decides, the candidate shall be given a short summary of the reasons for rejection but no other correspondence or legal proceedings shall be entered into;

Any such applicant may appeal to the Governing Council.

Upon election, the Registrar shall inform the candidate and shall enter the name of the candidate in the Registrar of Association.

Certificate of membership shall be issued to the Member by the Governing Council

Membership Category Entrance Fee (Ksh) Annual Subscription (Ksh)
Graduate 2,000.00 2,000.00
Student 500.00 500.00

These are the procedures to pay via M-Pesa

  1. Go to M-Pesa Menu
  2. Proceed to “LIPA NA MPESA”
  3. Select “PAYBILL”
  4. Enter the following Number : 529901
  5. In the account number enter : 3011 8175 83002
  6. Enter your PIN:
  7. You will receive a MPesa message confirming you have transfered cash to Jamii Bora Bank account number 3011 8175 83002

At the end of the registration form, you will be requested to enter the transaction code. Please enter the MPesa or Bank transaction code.

Thank you.