COMPANY REGISTRATIONFill in the below for to register a company to be a member of ACMK

The following are the requirements for company membership registration

  • The company must be practicing project management
  • The company must demonstrate presence of employees with construction management background
  • At least one of the directors must have project management background
  • The company must have paid a registration fee of ksh. 20,000 and a subsequent renewal fee of ksh. 10,0000

Form Below

  • Company Registration

    Registration form for companies that want to register with ACMK.
  • Input the Company Name
  • Director 1.

  • Director 2

  • Director 3

  • Certificate of Incorporation

    Please upload your certificate of incorporation
  • Company Profile

    Please upload your company profile
  • Declaration

    (With reference to the ACMK Constitution)
    I, agree that in the event of my confirmation to membership of any class in ACMK, I will be governed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, as they are now or as they may hereafter be altered.
  • Payment Details

    Make registration fee payment of Kshs. 10,000 using the procedures below
    Go to M-Pesa Menu
    Proceed to “LIPA NA MPESA”
    Select “PAYBILL”
    Enter the following Business Number : 529901
    In the account number enter : 3011 8175 83002
    Enter amount :
    Enter your PIN:
    You will receive a MPesa message confirming you have transfered cash to KINGDOM BANK account number 3011 8175 83002
  • Payment Confirmation

    Please enter the Transaction Code below (MPesa or Bank Reference Code)